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Kitchen Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

Here are some of my favorite kitchen tools that have made my life easier.

1. Air-fryer

The best thing created since sliced bread, an air fryer is a must-have kitchen gadget. I use my air fryer every single day for different meals and yes even desserts. The brand of the air fryer that I have is the Bella Pro Series.

2. Ninja Blender & Food Processor

Forget about buying smoothies, make your own. Another essential item in my kitchen is my Ninja blender & food processor set. I use my food processor to make sauces from scratch.

3. Spiralizer

Have a picky eater or want to eat more veggies yourself? A spiralizer is an amazing tool to make noodles out of your favorite veggies. I have a handheld spiralizer which is great to save counter space ( if you live in NYC you know how it is) and was recently gifted a tabletop spiralizer.

4. Baking Mat

Baking season is over? Not in my book. I make my 3 ingredient healthy cookies ALL year-round. Sometimes I make them in my air fryer or use my oven. Whenever I am using my oven I use these baking mats.

5. Ninja Coffee Bar

Foam or no foam? Hot or iced? As you may already know, I am a coffee lover. While it's not the first thing I consume in the morning, I definitely enjoy my cafécito (coffee). This coffee maker has helped me save a ton of money (and calories & unnecessary consumption of sweeteners). If you don't have the countertop space for a coffee bar check out this handheld frother. Because let's face it, sometimes the foam makes all the difference.

-Plant Based Danna

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