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Oats: Low Cost, High Quality Food


Why Oats? It’s a low cost, high-quality food. Oats help lower cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and helps manage body weight. And according to, " oatmeal is so powerful that it can clear up some of the ravages of chemotherapy when just applied to the skin". That's pretty damn powerful.

Oats are packed with nutrients that help your body function. Some of these nutrients include B vitamins, iron, zinc, and magnesium. Keep reading below to learn more about what these nutrients do for you.

B Vitamins help with:

· Brain function

· Energy levels

· Digestion

· Cell health

· Eyesight

· Cardiovascular health

· Hormones and cholesterol digestion

· Muscle Tone

Iron helps:

· Improve concentration

· Boost immunity

· Treat anemia

· Boosts hemoglobin (protein in red cells that carry oxygen throughout the body)

Zinc helps with:

· Wound healing

· Growth and development

· Immune function

· Inflammation

Magnesium helps with:

· Gene maintenance

· Muscle movements

· Lowering the risk of Type 2 Diabetes

· Lowering blood pressure

Oats also have a long shelf life and can be used for many different recipes.

If you haven't yet, check out my oat-based Easy AF 3 Ingredient Cookie Recipe.

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