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Vegan Snack Attack Survival Guide for Gatherings (Specially On Super Bowl Sunday)

To snack or not to snack, that is the question.

There’s no need to senselessly rack up calories when you can plan ahead and save yourself the after-binge guilt while eating vegan.

Here are some easy vegan food swaps:

1. Swap chicken wings for cauliflower wings

2. Swap ranch dip for salsa dip

3. Swap ground beef for vegan beef crumbles

4. Swap cheese dips for hummus

5. Swap pigs in a blanket for vegetable spring rolls

6. Swap pulled pork sliders for jackfruit sliders

7. Swap dairy-based pizza for vegan pizza ( check out Screamer's Pizzeria in BK)

8. Swap dairy-based mozzarella with Violife shredded cheese

9. Swap cheese doodles with white vegan cheddar Hippeas

10. Swap Doritos for PopCorners ( sea salt or sweet chili)

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